Neutering your cat

Cats can be neutered if they are well and over three months of age. In general we wait until they are four months or more.

Neutering involves general anaesthetic and surgery. For most cats this is a one day procedure.

Pre operative blood tests to identify any problems which may mean an anaesthetic would be unsafe and to identify any animals which may be infected with leukaemia virus (FeLv) or immunodeficiency virus (Fiv).

Cats go home with pain relief and buster collars to prevent self trauma. Gastrointestinal diets are recommended for cats after a general anaesthetic and you will be offered food to take home for your cat.

The major reason to neuter your cat is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Neutering also reduces the spread of major infectious diseases and reduces the number of cat fights.

As part of your Healthy Pet Club package, you can get 20% discount on neutering.