Neutering your dog

Dogs can neutered from the age of five months. Females (bitches) have a total ovariohysterectomy and males (Dogs) are castrated. These operations require general anaesthesia and are major surgical procedures.

Most bitches are neutered for reproductive control. There are additional benefits which include prevention of a serious uterine infection called pyometra, and if carried out prior to a bitches first heat or season it does prevent mammary carcinoma or breast cancer.

Males are castrated for reproductive control and sometimes for behavioural reasons.

Blood tests are advised for all dogs prior to neutering to identify any underlying problems which may cause problems with the surgery or general anaesthetic.  Following surgery males go home on the same day females stay in hospital overnight for pain relief.

All dogs go home with pain relief, food to prevent vomiting and diarrhoea and a buster collar to prevent trauma to the operation site.

Following surgery dogs may have a tendency to gain weight. We will advise on the correct nutrition for neutered dogs.

As part of your Healthy Pet Club package, you can get 20% discount on neutering.